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My Physical Therapist at Synergy urged me to start taking classes at The Bar Effect prior to my scheduled knee surgery. His idea was to increase my core strength, as well as all my accessory muscles in my knees. Being an avid cyclist, and triathlete I was ready to try anything which would increase my recovery time post surgery. I started The Bar Effect 4 months prior to surgery, and only missed two weeks post surgery. My Surgeon, Physical Therapist, as well as Anesthesiologist are all amazed at my quick recovery. I can honestly say that I am stronger now, than ever before…Thanks Bar Effect!
— Karen Kucharski, DMD
I am a big sampler of any and all fitness classes and having tried multiple Bar/Barre studios in multiple cities and The Bar Effect in Truckee is still my hands down favorite. I have attended classes with most of the instructors and they are all amazing in terms of difficulty (high) and flow of the class. Most frequently I attend classes led by Serina and she is amazing! You can tell she goes into each class with a clearly thought out lesson and I am always sore the next day (I consider this a positive). I wish I could go EVERYDAY!
— Katy G., Olympic Valley, CA
I started taking The Bar Effect when it first opened in September 2010, and still continue with it today. Within a month, I saw results in both my strength and positive differences in my body. Michelle is really good about making sure my position is correct to avoid injury, in addition to boosting my self-confidence. As a result of continuing with The Bar Effect, my body is so much stronger when skiing and I tire less easily. I always feel so much better after doing Michelle’s class and wish I could do it everyday.
— Vicki Isacowitz, Program Director, Clever minds Learning Center
Michelle has the magic ability to create a class environment that combines a welcoming, low-key atmosphere with a kick ass effort (if you want it), whatever your level.
— Mina & Michelle
The Bar Effect is a great and challenging workout – although Michelle manages to keep it fun as well. She is a great instructor and is inspiring as well. (because we all want our bodies to look as good as hers! ) The results (hopefully firm,tiny butts) are worth it .
— Lynette R. San Francisco, CA
I love this class! As a woman in her 50’s with a “mature” body and limited flexibility I admit I approached this class with more than a little trepidation. But I am now a true believer. Yes, it’s hard – it’s the exercise that hurts so good – but after several months I’m seeing definition in my arms that I’ve never had before, trimmer thighs, and (dare I say it ladies!) I swear my cellulite is disappearing! Michelle is a wonderful teacher – she knows when to push and when to slow it down, and is always there with a gentle hand to correct your form or offer that encouraging word to keep you going.
— Cindy
As someone with a well-endowed back-side (aka the J Lo booty) I cannot say enough about Bar Effect. In addition to all of our beloved outdoor activities, I am constantly experimenting with various exercises classes that will help sculpt and tone without adding bulky muscle to my rear. Bar Effect is THE ticket! I have never seen such immediate results from an exercise regimen – from my seat, to my shoulders and abs- it does it all. As a devout yogi and sometimes yoga instructor I can also say that Bar Effect has really strengthened my yoga practice, and all my other outdoor sports for that matter. Bar Effect will make you leaner and stronger – and it’s fun!
— Anna Lambiotte, STUDIO Lambiotte Interior Design
After the birth of my second child, I was weak and flabby from 9 months of Ben and Jerry’s and very little exercise. Unmotivated by the thought of going back to a boring gym routine, I decided to try the Bar Effect. I’m so glad I did. The classes are small, fun and supportive. Michelle gives each girl individual attention to make sure our body position is correct and that we’re doing the exercises properly. It’s like having a personal trainer without the cost of one. Within just a couple of months, I began to feel stronger and look firmer.Not only is the Bar Effect great for toning and slimming your body, it’s also great for your mental being as well. Because the exercises require so much focus, doing the Bar Effect forces me to clear my mind and thus let go of any stress. No matter what way I enter class feeling; I always leave feeling calm, balanced and re-energized. I’m Hooked!
— Lory Vincen, Contract Sounds
Throughout my injury recovery I have found that if I don’t pay attention it is easy to get stuck doing the same old routine. I have been doing The Bare Effect for a year now, and it is constantly changing, which doesn’t allow my muscles to adapt to the routine, ultimately maximizing my workout. I would highly recommend The Bar Effect to ANYONE looking for a group of highly motivated instructors and a truly unique and effective exercise class.
— Steve Wallace, CR Johnson Healing Center Coordinator, High Fives Non-Profit Foundation